Become a Secret Santa Happiness & Peace Ambassador!

Would you like to discover how to enhance your merriment, peace, love, happiness & well-being while at the same time making a difference not only in your world but our world?

Great!  This is the fun, positive and merry school to attend.

Santa Claus is a universal figure of peace, love and happiness around the world.  Mrs Claus will reveal his many mystical, science backed and fun insights with you. 

Mrs Claus is his head workshop leader who runs the school.  Discover principals for a great life.  A ripple effect of good energy not just in your life but for others around you too.  You really can make a difference in the world by the way you show up each day... Mrs Claus will share how to be the best version of you which just happens to be the happiest and most peaceful you!

Classes available online for anywhere in the world to participate or if you prefer in person Mrs Claus will be rolling out classes starting in Melbourne, Australia.

-  classes for young people 13 years plus
-  classes for adults

Discover greater:

  • merriment
  • happiness
  • peace
  • positivity
  • love - heart centered living
  • health & well-being for you & our world!

    Join us and become a ripple... bringing forth peace and change by being peace...